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The Microbiology Network was established in 1996 and provides consulting, training and expert witness services to industry.  Our on-line training focus is QC microbiology in the regulated industries.  These webinars range from applied topics geared to solving problems and questions at the bench, to academic presentations of current research for your continued development.  We try to being meaning to the phrase “science-based regulation”.

Upcoming Webinars:

GMP Concerns in the Microbiology Lab

Webinar to be presented October 19th at 2pm EST


Poor practice in the microbiology lab, whether an internal lab or a contracted lab service, can imperil marketed product and lead to recall from the market.

It is important to know what is expected in terms of microbiological lab practice so that you can confirm that your lab services are qualified to perform testing of pharma products.   FDA’s “System-Based” approach to audits encourages the audit of the laboratory controls not only from the GMP-documentation perspective (the traditional “Quality” audit) but also from the technical perspective. We will introduce this technical perspective, and provide appropriate pointers for future review.

This is a shortened version of a highly successful in-house “QC Micro Lab GMP” course taught the last 5 years to major pharma companies and contract lab services alike.    Proven, solid guidance.

Webinar scheduled for September 21, 2010 at 2pm EST


Over the past decade, biofilms have come to be thought of as the preferred form of microbial life in many environments. Surface attachment offers nutrients and protection to organisms, and as such biofilms are found in a wide range of systems, natural as well as industrial. In some cases, a biofilm is a desirable feature (waste water treatment and bio-remediation, for example). In other cases, biofilms are not as welcome (pharmaceutical manufacturing systems, biomedical devices, food processing equipment, etc.). This talk will provide an introduction to biofilm science, including a definition of biofilm, a brief tour of where biofilms are found, issues that make biofilms so difficult to understand and control, and a discussion of steps to take to help prevent biofilm contamination.