Training Overview

The Microbiology Network provides proven and experienced Quality Assurance training services to industry from our network of experts. The goal of the Microbiology Network is to provide your company with the tools needed to develop internal expertise and strengthen procedures that will improve the company’s ability to profitably adhere to today’s changing regulatory climate. This is done by consulting, training and mentoring your personnel within the culture and expectations of your company to meet external expectations. Come to the Microbiology Network for assistance and direction in problem solving and building internal expertise.

Specific Training Services:

  • In-house Courses
    Call on the Microbiology Network to bring specific and directed training solutions to your facility. We have a variety of options available: 

    • If a contract laboratory, take advantage of our “GMP for Microbiologists” series – three different training courses (with different emphasis; regulatory findings, audit, 21 CFR 211) each suitable for annual CGMP training.  Take advantage of our auditing capabilities and have a preliminary audit conducted to tailor the course specifically to your needs.
    • Manufacturing personnel find value in the “GMP and Contamination Control” courses.
    • Management training available in the “Overview of Microbiology and Contamination Control” group of courses or the “Environmental Monitoring” arena.
    • A full range of prepared courses for your selection and customization to your facility’s needs.
    • Or call us in for an audit of a specific area and development of a course tailored to your specific situation.
  • Webinar or distance learning

    • Webinar listing available at
    • Specific webinar-based instruction available for your facility -contact us for a discussion of how we can bring microbiology quality assurance training into your facility via an economical webinar format.