Our Training Approach

The Microbiology Network Approach

Courses from the Microbiology Network are a convenient and effective means to bring current topics and philosophy to your company. We work with you to determine topics and themes of importance to your situation and bring the best instruction to your facility. These courses rely heavily on cited regulatory documents and current articles in the literature – not “expert opinion”.

What Clients Can Expect

Client need: Company A needed a dependable source of annual GMP training.

Microbiology solution: This company has relied on The Microbiology Network for the past four years to provide engaging and relevant information. Not only does this course meet a regulatory requirement, but it also provides an opportunity to brainstorm their practices against current expectations. As our instructors are active consultants, we have the ability to bring a breadth of information to the course for review.

Client need: Company B needed a course on preparing for the audit to ready themselves for an upcoming inspection.

Microbiology solution: We conducted an audit over the course of two days of their procedures and microbiology lab. This audit (and its report) then served to focus course on the topics of particular interest to the laboratory. The laboratory performed well in subsequent audits after the “mock audit” and addressing the issues identified.

Client need: Company C needed a course in current expectations for environmental monitoring in response to serious GMP deficiencies pointed out in a 483 report.

Microbiology solution: We prepared a customized, day-long course addressing the specific issues of interest and delivered it first to their management, and then a modified version to their line operators and their EM technicians. The level of compliance increased dramatically.