Twitter in Microbiology

The use of social media is growing, and Twitter is becoming a useful tool for the QC microbiologist.  In addition to our twitter feed @MicrobiologyNet (see Twitter MicrobiologyNet for more information) there are a host of other useful sources of information.

One method of finding these useful tweeters (as opposed to the others we read about) is to identify a “role model” and then follow everyone he does.  There are some utilities out there that make that easier – such as Tweepi’s “follow by following” function.  This method may require some time to refine your following as no two people are really interested in the same exact posters and you will be adding everybody that your role model follows, then deleting the uninteresting ones over time.

Another method might be to follow users in a list – we have provided such a list of our recommendations below for those with patience enough to go through it.  This list is divided into two parts – one more microbiology as a science tweeters, the other more QC Micro/Pharma/Personal Products/etc.

Some tweeters we particularly like include:

Microbiology QC Microbiology
@AAAS_News @3M_Infection
@AmericanLab @americanbiotech
@ASMicrobiology @Amgen
@ASMMeetings @AmPharmRev
@ASMnewsroom @ArgosBiotech
@ASMPress @BayerHealthCare
@BacterioFiles @BioMedCentral
@bbchealth @BioPharmaRob
@bbcscitech @BioPharmaToday
@bengoldacre @BioscienceNews
@bio_news @Biotech_Updates
@BiologyImageLib @BiotechBlog
@biomerieux @BiotechNews
@CDCFlu @Biotechnology
@CenterWatch @ContractPharma
@chronsciguy @ECDC_EU
@CT_Microbiol @EMDMilliporeBio
@DrJudyStone @eyeonfda
@DrMicrobiology @FDA_Drug_Info
@EducatedMicrobe @FDACBER
@EvidenceMatters @FDAcdrhIndustry
@guardianscience @FDAnewsPharma
@historyvaccines @FDArecalls
@IDMICRO @FDAwebcasts
@Kenzibit @FierceBiotech
@LabEquipment @FierceMedDev
@laboratorynews @FiercePharma
@latimesscience @futurebiopharma
@marynmck @GENbio
@MDLinx @genentechnews
@micro_biome @HealthCanada
@microbelover @HHSGov
@MicrobesInfect @IAmBiotech
@MicrobeWorld @InPharmaTechno
@Microbiology_WB @JNJComm
@MicroBytes @MedDevicenews
@MicroConstants @MedImmune
@MicroscopeWorld @MicrotestLabs
@MicroscopyNews1 @MNDAssoc
@NatGeo @MonsantoCo
@NatureMagazine @NIHforHealth
@NatureNews @pfizer_news
@NatureOutlook @Pharma_Tweets
@NatureRevMicro @pharmabiznews
@newscientist @PharmaBusiness
@NPRHealth @Pharmaceutical
@nytimeshealth @PharmaField
@nytimesscience @Pharmafocus
@Profmicro @pharmagossip
@ReutersScience @pharmaguy
@Rubeola @PharmaMag
@RyanMFierce @PharmaMfg
@SamanthaLPrice @PharmaNews
@sciam @PharmaNewsDaily
@ScienceAdvBoard @PharmaOnline
@ScienceChannel @pharmaphorum
@sciencecomedian @PharmaQbD
@sciencegoddess @PharmaReview
@ScienceInsider @PharmaTechFocus
@sciencemagazine @pharmatechnews
@sciencenewsgeek @PharmaTimes
@ScienceNewsOrg @PharmiMike
@sciencepodcasts @pharminews
@scifri @PharmTechGroup
@SfAMtweets @PhRMApress
@SocGenMicro @PJOnline_News
@TheClostridiums @RapidMicro
@TheLancet @SecuringPharma
@themicrobelog @SiemensHealth
@TimesScience @timsandle
@TrendsMicrobiol @tweetingbiotech
@TwistedBacteria @USDA
@VacciNewsNet @USPharmacopeia
@WHO @WorldPharmaNews