Expert Witness

The Microbiology Network was established in 1996 and provides consulting, training and expert witness services to industry. As part of the process, we will assist in looking for technical avenues of exploration for the particular question in discussion, presenting viewpoints distinct from those of a strictly legal perspective. The Microbiology Network can provide subject matter experts internationally for research, disposition or expert testimony.

Expert Witness Offerings

Large knowledge base

The Microbiology Network boasts the largest knowledge base in the industry in the area of microbiology and contamination control. Currently at over 12,500 articles in size with skilled researchers constantly adding to it, the Microbiology Network stands ready to supply research support to the legal and patent libraries already at your disposal.

Contact Lens Care

With extensive experience in the Contact Lens Care (CLC) arena, the Microbiology Network can assist cases dealing with specific organisms and contamination issues in CLC. This assistance ranges from aseptic manufacturing concerns through disinfectant efficacy and regulatory requirements.

Contamination Control and Sterilization

Use the expertise of the Microbiology Network in questions of contamination and sterilization, expectations of facility hygiene and procedures.

Failures in Sterility Assurance

Sterility assurance is a growing cause of FDA-encouraged recall activity.  This is not necessarily due to demonstrated failure of product sterility.  Experts in sterile product control, we can assist in determining the true situation and preparing the prosecution or defense.

Microbiology Laboratory Audit/Review

Review of microbiological laboratory studies can be confusing, particularly in questions of how the lab may have compromised the test results. We can provide independent review of the laboratory procedures, its compliance to regulatory expectations, and its competence.

Expert Testimony

The Microbiology Network can provide expert testimony on a variety of topics from experts who do not make this activity their primary occupation.